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USA Push Brooms

With the USA Angled Push Broom, you can keep both indoor and outdoor spaces clean and dust-free. This tough broom has extra-stiff bristles that can handle any sweeping task, big or small. The Push Broom broom is a must-have for tough-to-clean surfaces, such as outside patios, driveways, and sidewalks, as well as high-traffic areas or workspaces that produce a lot of dust and debris. Proudly made in the USA.

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Bench Brooms

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USA Broom was formed to develop products that are American Made. Our goals were to continue to bring more great products back to the USA with the benefit of increasing US employment and economy.

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Talon Grip

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The Quality Of Our Brooms Can Not Be Overemphasized

Strong Bristles

The USA outdoor broom endures the test of time. Thanks to its thick, robust flagged outer polystyrene bristles, designed to sweep a wide range of debris, fine dust and heavier dirt and for years of sweeping.

Durable Handles

Patent-pending Talon Grip bracket designed with industry-leading wood insert and locking stainless steel bolts and nuts for the strongest and longest-lasting design in the industry.

Angled Broom Head

Durable angled push broom head with a double-coated clear lacquer for added durability, natural hardwood Poplar quality wood inserts, no wood screws that come loose over time. Stainless Steel bolts, Comes in varying selection of block lengths,