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May 1, 2022

Jim Lewis
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Auto dealer develops line of USA Made, Push Brooms

Dodge City, Kan. – A new high-quality broom has entered the market from the Dodge City-based USA Broom™, a company which offers a wide array of push brooms and bench brooms.

USA Broom was formed to develop products that are American Made. Their goals were to continue to bring more great products back to the USA with the benefit of increasing US employment and economy. After owning a chain of automotive dealerships and not being able to buy a high quality broom for the facilities, Jim Lewis (Owner) decided to partner with Fuller Industries who has been making industry leading brooms in the USA for over 100 years.

“I wanted to design a quality push broom that is built for light and heavy duty cleaning and comfortable enough for all day sweeping,” Lewis said.

With this vision in mind, Lewis worked with Fuller Industries throughout 2020 to develop a (patent pending) never slip talon grip with stainless steel bolts and locking nuts. The wooden handle and base are coated [twice] with an oil and water resistant lacquer.

Most brooms use 15/16th handles whereas USA Brooms are 11/16th, making them stronger and last longer. The crimped polystyrene bristles are water and grease proof and are highly abrasion resistant. The custom vynafoam grip makes it easy on hands for all-day sweeping.

Not only is USA Broom a higher quality broom, they’re good to use on dry or wet surfaces. Ideal for decks, barns, asphalt, patios, garages, driveways, sidewalks, sealed concrete, tile and other hard surface flooring.

Since its recent launch, USA Broom has introduced a new line of handheld brooms that work well as a furniture, counter, drawing or patio brushes.


About USA Broom 
Driven by a desire to supply high-quality, Made in USA products, the Founder, Jim Lewis, created USA Broom™. Jim is a man with an entrepreneurial spirit. He always questions how things can be done better and it's this passion and ambition that we strive to impart in each product we create.


USA Broom™ crafted their brooms with a variety of vendors throughout the USA. They have partnered with companies in Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio. They are very proud of our country and wanted this to be represented through our colors and quality craftsmanship of their products.