About Us


Driven by a desire to supply high-quality, Made in USA products, our Founder, Jim Lewis, created USA Broom™. Jim is a man with an entrepreneurial spirit. He always questions how things can be done better and it's this passion and ambition that we strive to impart in each product we create.

USA Broom was formed to develop products that are American Made. Our goals were to continue to bring more great products back to the USA with the benefit of increasing US employment and economy. After owning a chain of automotive dealerships and not being able to buy a high quality broom for the facilities, Jim decided to partner with Fuller Industries who has been making industry leading brooms in the USA for over 100 years.


USA Broom™ is committed to its customers, employees, stakeholders, and community. We strive to achieve this through constant innovation, quality crafted products, and excellent customer service.  

We live by two rules: "do it once and do it right" and "cheap is never the best."


USA Broom™ crafted our broom with a variety of vendors throughout the USA. We have partnered with companies in Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio. We are very proud of our country and wanted this to be represented through our colors and quality craftmanship of our products.